Our Activities

HUSADEC Nepal has completed different programs and activities with the collaboration of I/NGO’s, GoN Line Agencies and Local Government in Dhankuta and neighboring districts. They are as follows:

  • Preparing and submission of monitoring report of the government implemented projects in Sunsari and Terathum districts in Regional Planning Office Dhankuta.
  • HUSADEC has leading to conduct research on Security and Justice Survey in Dhankuta in 2013. The research report is publishing by USIP.
  • HUSADEC has prepared different Profiles of caste and ethnicity such as Dalit, Aathpahariya Rai’s in Dhankuta District with the financial support of DDC Dhankuta and NPLAP.
  • Prepare research report on Child labor in Dhankuta Municipality.
  • HUSADEC conduct a social dialogue in district level collaboration with Pro-Public and NDI on Physical Infrastructure Building in Dhankuta; Status, Needs and Challenges.
  • From the beginning, HUSADEC conduct human rights education, leadership trainings, child rights promotion Program and governance related program with collaboration with INSEC. By this program more than thousand people aware on human rights and they were actively participated on human rights promotion and protection by their own groups.
  • HUSADEC has facilitated to Dhankuta municipality to make its Capacity Development plan.
  • HUSADEC is conducting various social dialogue program based on development, Security and Justice Issues in Dhankuta. This program is conducting with partnership with United State Institute of Peace (USIP) Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • HUSADEC had conducted advocacy for governance training for Koshi hills districts and specially Dhankuta district too. The program was supported by ICIMOD.
  • HUSADEC has been working in downward accountability and local good governance through community engagement supported by Local Governance and Accountability Facility (LGAF). 
  • HUSADEC had completed some projects: which are as follows;
    • Capacity development projects for NGOs/CBOs in Dhankuta
    • Conflict affected children support program in Dhankuta
    • Skill transfer program in eight VDCs  of Dhankuta.
    • Participatory Rural Development Program in Dhankuta specially Chhintang and Ghorlikharka VDCs.
    • Child Health Promotion Program in Mudebash and Basantatar VDCs in Dhankuta.
    • Official Literacy Program in Parewadin VDC.
    • Health Improvement program in Khoku VDC
    • Oral Rehydration Treatment in Aahale, Faksib, Marek Katahare and Leguwa VDCs.
    • Community School Support Program in 10 Schools in Dhankuta.
    • Peace mediation in Dhankuta at the period of conflict.
    • Coordination and conduit National and local election observation in Dhankuta.
    • Regular coordination with political leaders, state agency and all stakeholders of districts.
    • Disaster risk reduction management, infrastructure development.
    • USAID Funded Early Great Reading program (NEGRP) with partnership of RTI International and World Education (WE) in community school in Dhankuta District.
    • USAID Funded Reading For All (R4A) program with partnership of Handicap International and World Education (WE) in community school in Dhankuta District.

HUSADEC family have the experiences of Research, Field study, Education, Governance and various development issues and activities.