Our Story

Our Story

HUSADEC Nepal has different experiences and expertise that are involving in planning, implementation and monitoring. This organization has been working with volunteer based team in Dhankuta and neighboring districts since 1992.

The general assembly is the apex body of organization, which composed by 40 life members and 34 general members. The general assembly has organized in every year and its executive committee of 11 members has elected after the second years. There are different sub committees working in different issues such as Human Rights and Education, Women and Childs, Disaster Risk Reduction Management, Livelihoods, Resource management, Capacity building, Research and Advocacy and so on.


Conduct advocacy and development work to contribute ensuring human rights protection and better governance, education, livelihood change and environmental conservation by mobilizing/exploring local and external resources through social mobilization approach in participation with women, children, vulnerable and excluded communities.


A well cultured equitable society having full guarantee of human rights.


To achieve the goal and make the vision materialize, the organization has specified its objectives and prioritized them as follows;

  1. To conduct different development activities based on local people’s need and demand.
  2. To further clarifies about the rights of those target group of people who are not clear about the concept of human rights yet.
  3. To increase the number of people who can advocate for human rights from among the target group.
  4. To establish effective coordination and network between and among the organization working in the human rights and development sectors.
  5. To facilitate the process of building the capacity of the NGO’s, local bodies and CBO’s that have common goal and objective.